Daily WOD Blog


Partner WOD:
-One partner will be “ON” and the other will be “OFF”
-Switch who is “ON” and “OFF” each round
-Only rest during prescribed rest times

10 X 30S “ON”, 30S “OFF”
On: Row Cals
Off: Weighted OH Single Object Hold, 50/35 lb
Rest 1 Minute

10 X 30S “ON”, 30S “OFF”
On: Russian KB Swings, 70/50 lb
Off: Russian Twists, 45/35 lb
Rest 1 Minute

10 X 30S “ON”, 30S “OFF”
On: Pull Ups
Off: Dead Hang; Can’t complete pull up reps if partner comes off hang.
1 Minute Rest

10 X 30S “ON”, 30S “OFF”
On: Farmers Carry for Distance (Must stay together)
Off: Rest and stay in spot that you stopped

Farmers Carry Weight: 1/2 of combined partner’s body weight
So if partner 1 weighs 130 lbs and partner 2 weighs 150 lbs, total pounds: 280
280/2 = 140
So between partners, you have to farmer’s carry a total of 140 pounds between the two of you.
In this example, each partner could walk with a 35 lb dumbbell in each hand. (35 X 4 = 140)